Ben Kamp

Sales Representative

Ruth Bakker

Customer Service Representative

Area of Expertise: Office Manager, Haccp coordinator

     Having worked in the livestock industry all my life, I have found BCI to be a rewarding job.  I enjoy working with new and current customers and the BCI sales team.  Everyday is busy taking orders, scheduling delivery, and accurately billing our customers.  I enjoy being a part of the chain that provides safe feed and crop products that will help improve our customer's profitability.
Phone: 712-476-6088

Area of Service:  Eastern SD, Northwest IA
Area of Expertise:  Swine
     My lifelong passion of working in the agriculture industry is being fulfilled here at BCI.  I enjoy working with elevators, vet clinics, and other dealers to help farmers maximize their production.  I love the family atmosphere and the great team I work with each day at BCI

Phone:  605-359-4382

Rob Kamp

Sales Representative

Bret Schortzman

Sales Representaive

Greg Hammer

Sales Representative

BCI Sales Reps

Our ag experts are in the barns, fields, and feedlots working together with producers to determine the best solutions. We get our boots dirty because there's no other way to do business.

Area of Service:  Northwest IA
Area of Expertise:  Swine and Beef
     Here at BCI, I enjoy getting to know new people and introducing fresh ideas that Bakker Consulting has for their producers. It is very exciting to be a part of a growing, energetic organization that helps producers maximize their profits. It is awesome to be a part of such a great team!
Phone:  641-740-0112

Doug Steele

Sales Representative

     My childhood began growing up on a hog and crop farm near Sioux Center, Ia.  I am a true farm girl at heart.  Along with helping on the farm, I have enjoyed babysitting, working in food service industries, and working in bookkeeping at American State Bank.  My college education was completed with a degree in Early Childhood Development.  Bernie and I have been blessed with three children.  I enjoyed being a homemaker while the children were little.  As our children began preschool, I did substitute preschool teaching.  I enjoyed this stage of life!  
     In 2003, Bernie and I launched Bakker Consulting (BCI)  I was ready for a new challenge!  We both knew starting a business would be a large challenge.  As we grew, we hired additional sales representatives and office staff to help with our ever growing workload.  My current responsibility is not only being Vice President but also Business Manager at BCI.  I have come to really enjoy management and the people side of the business.  It seems I wear several "hats" each day, but it is the diversity that makes each day interesting and a challenge.  The Ag industry certainly offers many challenges, but that is what makes doing business in the agricultural industry exciting and fulfilling.  We enjoy being your partner in the ever changing and exciting agriculture world.
Email:                         Phone: 712-476-6088

     I grew up on an acreage with a farrowing operation.  Along with helping my father with the hog operation, I would ride with him selling Ralco feed whenever possible.  During my high school and college years, I worked at a neighboring, large commercial feedlot. These early experience gave me a foundation of knowledge in the livestock industry.  After a course in a Ag/Business program, I went to work with a dairy consulting company as a independent sales agent.  I traveled to many dairy productions areas in the U.S. and gained valuable experiences in the dairy business.
     In 2003, my wife Rachel and I decided to venture into our own business and Bakker Consulting was established.  BCI began as a dairy and feedlot nutrition consulting company. As we have grown and expanded, BCI has also become a distributor of Ralco Products and technologies.
     BCI strives to bring cutting edge nutrition and products to agricultural producers in a form the producer can understand.  BCI also strives to bring resources and expertise that fit commercial agricultral production.  BCI partners with the customer to ensure success.  My passion for the agricultural industry is very strongly rooted and is clearly evident in the foundation of BCI.  My goal for BCI is to be a strong leader in this fulfilling industry.  Best wishes to all agriculture producers!
Email:                           Phone: 712-548-7423

Rachel Bakker

Vice President/Co-Founder

Ron Schrotenboer

AgNition Representative

Area of Service:  Michigan

Area of Expertise: Ruminants

     What I enjoy most about my job is the interaction I get with the people I work with. I enjoy getting to learn new things everyday from farmers who have put their heart and soul into what they do.  I love working with agriculture and have found it to be exciting and rewarding at the same time.
Phone: 616-826-6571

Area of Expertise: Cusotmer Service

     The best part of my job is getting to meet and talk to different people everyday. I enjoy watching the company grow and expand. I appreciate the flexible hours, the great team at BCI, and quite possibly the easiest bosses I have worked for.
Phone: 712-476-6088

Area of Service:  Eastern SD, Northwest IA

Area of Expertise: Ruminants 

     I enjoy the team atmosphere at BCI.  I appreciate working with my fellow employees & utilizing each ones talents in helping to achieve our company & customers' desired goals.

Each day, I am pleased to meet new producers & learn about their operations, unique management techniques, and goals.  Working together with them and seeing the success of our efforts in achieved goals is very rewarding!
Phone: 712-348-0465

Randy Ymker

Office Manager

Area of Service: Michagin

Area of Expertise: Swine and Ruminants

     The best part of my job is being able to meet people who are experts at their profession. Everyday I learn something new and it makes me proud to be a part of the farming community. I enjoy helping my customers overcome the daily challenges in the agricultural industry today.
Phone: 616-291-3697

Bernie G Bakker


Area of Service:  Michigan
Area of Expertise:  Agronomy
     I enjoy helping farmers get the most yield and profit from their soil or crops in a responsible and sustainable way. I appreciate the principles that BCI is based on. I also enjoy getting to know the team at BCI.

Phone:  616-293-2089