In livestock production, Bakker Consulting and Ralco have promoted the idea of "good gut health" which is achieved by promoting the beneficial organisms within the animal. Over the past several years, we have found that some of this same technology can be applied to crops and fields. At BCI, we carry the AgNition® line of agronomy products. By applying AgNition's® microbial catalyst to crops, the microbes in the soil are stimulated. This affect leads to the liberating of nutrients in the soil, which allows better uptake by the plant. This technology also promotes better soil health, and subsequently better plant health and higher yields. 

Featured AgNition® products:

  • Generate®
  • Protect™ Hay
  • Commence™ for Wheat
  • Commence™ for Soybeans
  • ​Commence™ for Corn
  • Protect™ Silage

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